I Want it All For Life Package!!! With Thumb Drive for initial designs!

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Do you want everything our site has to offer??? This listing if for all of the Breezy Lane Embroidery designs that are currently available and all that will ever be relaeased! Upon purchase a drop box link with all of the designs will be emailed and new drop box links will be added weekly, you will have access to the dropbox links immediately after purchase! A thumb drive will be mailed to you that contains everything on the site at the time of your purchase!

To view all of the designs currently included in this package please follow this link


Please note that the I want it all package is too large to download directly from the site. The downloads that you will receive upon purchase will include a text and a jpg that both contain the dropbox link to access all the designs as well as a coupon code that can be used to download individual designs off the site

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